Questions & Answers

For your convenience, here is a list of our clients most asked questions.

What do I need to budget for apart from rent?
You'll probably need a deposit of between 4-6 weeks rent. You may also be asked to give a holding deposit once you confirm your wish to rent a certain property. This would normally be deducted from the first rental payment. You may also have to pay an administration charge.

Who pays for utilities - is it included in the rent?
Normally the tenant takes over the utilities on moving into the property unless stated as Bills Inclusive.

Who should fix items that need repairing in the property?
The landlord should fix any appliances that need repairing. However tenants are responsible for breakages. A tenant should report repairs as soon as they become aware.

What privacy will I get – can the landlord or their agent come round when the like?
No. Your privacy is respected. If you rent through an agent it is not usual that either the landlord or letting agent will try to gain access to the property outside pre agreed times. For example, the agent will want to inspect the property at least 2 times during the tenancy. They should give you reasonable notice of this. This area is normally covered in the tenancy agreement signed by you and agent.

How long is a let?
Most lets are for 12 months. However some letting now offering shorter periods of between 6 and 3 months. Shorter lets are harder to find.

If I want to leave can I give notice at any time during the tenancy?
If you give notice earlier you'll be liable to pay the rent until the end of the tenancy agreement.

Can I stop paying rent if the landlord does not carry out repairs needed?
This is a dangerous tactic because you would be in breach of the tenancy agreement and the landlord could take you to court. However, it would be worth taking advice if an important repair needed such as a broken shower or washing machine is not dealt with. A tenant should not stop paying the rent they are satisfied that it is due to the landlord and not delay on the part of the agent or contractors. Some agents ask for repairs to be reported in writing - this avoids ambiguity.

When do I get my deposit back?
After the property has been inspected at the end of the tenancy. If there are any damages the tenant and landlord will have to agree what sum is deductible. There is no set law on when deposits have to be returned. Letting agents encourage landlords to make the process as fair as possible by having a professional inventory agent examine the property. A report is prepared at the beginning of the tenancy recording the condition of the property interior, and then again at the end of the tenancy. The landlord is not obliged to do this report. If a tenant definitely wants an inventory there is no reason why they shouldn't suggest it to the landlord or the agent.

Who do I deal with - the letting agent or landlord?
The letting agent will deal with the property viewings, references, agreements and getting you moved in. From that point on contact depends on whether the landlord pays the agent to manage their property. If the property is managed you will normally report any repairs or queries to the agent - otherwise you will deal with the landlord direct.

What is the agent's role?
The agent acts for the landlord. Therefore their powers are limited in helping you. However the accepted guidelines in the letting industry mean that you should be able to rely on a professional letting agent taking any of your concerns seriously during the tenancy, advising the landlord if they are being unreasonable.

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